Kata Mutiara Inggris Motivasi

Kumpulan kata mutiara inggris motivasi yang indah untuk hidup yang lebih baik. Kata-kata bijak tentang motivasi dalam bahasa inggris. Baca dan dapatkan inspirasinya di bawah ini:

Five minutes, just before going to sleep, given to a bit of directed imagination regarding achievement possibilities of the morrow, will steadily and increasingly bear fruit, particularly if all ideas of difficulty, worry or fear are resolutely ruled out and replaced by those of accomplishment and smiling courage. (Frederick Pierce)
Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. (General George Smith Patton, Jr.)
Achievement is largely the product of steadily raising one's levels of aspiration . . and expectation. (Jack Niklaus)
Only if you reach the boundary will the boundary recede before you. And if you don't, if you confine your efforts, the boundary will shrink to accommodate itself to your efforts. And you can only expand your capacities by working to the very limit. (Hugh Nibley)
Someone has defined genius as intensity of purpose: the ability to do, the patience to wait. . . . Put these together and you have genius, and you have achievement. (Leo J. Muir)
Hell begins on the day when God grants us a clear vision of all that we might have achieved, of all the gifts which we might have wasted, of all that we might have done which we did not do. (Gian-Carlo Menotti)
Where the willingness is great, the difficulties cannot be great. (Machiavelli)
You don't drown by falling in water; you only drown if you stay there. (Zig Ziglar)
Many marriages would be better if the husband and wife clearly understood that they're on the same side. (Zig Ziglar)
It is time for us all to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever ? the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it. (Vince Lombardi)
Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. (Robert Francis Kennedy)
Most of us can learn to live in perfect comfort on higher levels of power. Everyone knows that on any given day there are energies slumbering in him which the incitements of that day do not call forth. Compared with what we ought to be, we are only half awake. It is evident that our organism has stored-up reserves of energy that are ordinarily not called upon ? deeper and deeper strata of explosible material, ready for use by anyone who probes so deep. The human individual usually lives far within his limits. (William James)
Decide what you want, decide what you are willing to exchange for it. Establish your priorities and go to work. (H. L. Hunt )
We are more ready to try the untried when what we do is inconsequential. Hence the remarkable fact that many inventions had their birth as toys. (Eric Hoffer)
Most x-rated films are advertised as "adult entertaintment,"for "mature adults," when in reality they are juvenile entertainment for immature and insecure people. (Zig Ziglar)
The best job goes to the person who can get it done without passing the buck or coming back with excuses. (Napolean Hill)
My mother drew a distinction between achievement and success. She said that achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is in you. Success is being praised by others. That is nice but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success. (Helen Hayes)
Never measure the height of a mountain, until you have reached the top. Then you will see how low it was. (Dag Hammarskj)
If we are striving, if we are working, if we are trying, to the best of our ability, to improve day by day, then we are in the line of our duty. (Heber J. Grant)
You can finish school, and even make it easy -but you never finish your education,and it's seldom easy. (Zig Ziglar)
What is the recipe for successful achievement? To my mind there are just four essential ingredients: Choose a career you love . . . Give it the best there is in you . . . Seize your opportunities And be a member of the team. In no country but America, I believe, is it possible to fulfill all four of these requirements. (Benjamin F. Fairless)
We succeed only as we identify in life, or in war, or in anything else, a single overriding objective, and make all other considerations bend to that one objective. (General Dwight David Eisenhower)
Hell, there are no rules here ? we're trying to accomplish something. (Thomas Alva Edison)
Unless a man undertakes more than he possibly can do, he will never do all that he can. (Henry Drummond)
We achieve everything by our efforts alone. Our fate is not decided by an almighty God. We decide our own fate by our actions. You have to gain mastery over yourself. . . . It is not a matter of sitting back and accepting. (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi)
This became a credo of mine . . . attempt the impossible in order to improve your work. (Bette Davis)
Everyone is trying to accomplish something big, not realizing that life is made up of little things. (Frank Clark)
Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved. (William Jennings Bryan)
No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings. (William Blake)
Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstances. (Bruce Barton)

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